Rooftop Solar Has Been Ranked Among the Top 30 Electric Generators in Australian Territories

A week ago, network financier in south-eastern Queensland, Energex got ahead with a 1-GW mark for rooftop solar PV to become the first distribution network in the country.

The accomplishment brought about this graph from previous Energex executive, Mike Swanston, who indicates that rooftop solar from various territories have been classified as one of the superior generators in Australia.

Rooftop Solar Holds

Queensland, which includes the territory’s Ergon network, possesses over 1.45 gigawatts of rooftop solar, which places it among the top 10 generators in Australia, next to the exclusive Victoria’s brown coal plants and a few of black generators.

South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales and also among the highest 30 generators, in company with a collection of South Australian wind, Victoria wind and NSW wind.

“In a National Energy Market built around generation dispatch – there are now effectively 7 must run generators (solar and wind) now accounting for 14% of the installed capacity,” Swanston informed the RenewEconomy Disruption in the Energy Industry conference in Sydney on Tuesday.


“This really is a change, and if you break it down to per capita installation, Australia is at unique place in the world.”

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