Wind Farm Subsidies


Australia’s renewable energy future might go down the drain if “radical” suggestions from a Senate inquiry into wind farm are utilized.The Senate inquiry is steered by anti-wind farm party members David Leyonhjelm, John Madigan and Bob Day.

Based on the information gathered from The Australian, the report will urge the Abbott government to impede renewable energy certificates for new wind farms to approximately five years, down from more than 20.The certificates are a kind of subsidy that supports wind and rest of clean energy projects.

The report will advocate that certificates should be given to only projects in territories that stick to “federal rules on infra sound and low-frequency noise”.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has labelled wind power as “noisy” and “visually awful” and has tagged them as harmful source of energy to human health. But the National Health and Medical Research Council has rubbished the claim, and said that there is no truth in what Prime Minister Tony Abbott claim.

Chief Executive of Clean Energy Council, Kane Thornton indicated that the report’s suggestions were given to the media before being sent to the industry or Parliament, indicating that the inquiry was “a biased political stitch-up by a small group of senators opposed to the cheapest forms of renewable energy”.

He further stated that the recommendations would “destroy the future of renewable energy”, and the leak was a “clear breach of proper parliamentary process”.

“Adopting these reckless recommendations would damage Australia’s international investment reputation, right when we are finalising major agreements with some of our biggest trading partners,” Mr Thornton stated.

He went on to say that the recommendations put fear in some renewable investors, which had been restored only in May after RET bill was passed.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of projects have been announced since a deal on the RET was legislated, and these will create hundreds of jobs and major investment in regional and rural areas of the country,” Mr Thornton said.



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