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Smart Energy Council: “Energy Conscious Australians Should Put Pressure on the NEG”

About a month ago we commented on the impact of the Nation Energy Guarantee (NEG) on the renewable energy movement – namely, that it is a policy that will compromise aspects of the solar industry, such as the Renewable Energy Target (RET) rebate scheme, which have greatly contributed to the energy independence of hundreds of thousands of Australians. With the NEG quickly gaining traction, the Smart Energy Council (SEC) is now urging people to put pressure on the policy and stand up for the renewable energy movement – and we too would like to provide our comment on the impending changes.

Renewables Are Cheaper Than Coal

The solar industry is booming, saving many Australians thousands of dollars every year on the cost of their energy bills and creating a cleaner environment for our future generations. Over 2 million Australian families are enjoying the benefits of having a solar energy system installed at their home. However, many more millions of Australians may miss out once the RET rebate is removed with the introduction of the NEG. With recent energy policy, such as the Californian 2020 policy, requiring that newly built homes must have solar energy systems installed and British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta’s comments to The Guardian providing evidence that renewable energy is now cheaper than coal – it is clear that the world is moving towards renewable energy systems. We cannot allow Australia to be left behind. The impact of this will simply cost Australians more, whilst also hindering the progression of our country as a modern, technologically advanced nation.

The Impact

While the NEG claims to simply provide a reliable energy supply on top of an existing renewable energy supply, the policy seems to overlook the extent to which the RET rebate is responsible for the growth of the solar industry. This is almost certain to impact the rate of installation in Australian households. The government have said that subsidies for renewable energy systems are no longer necessary as the industry is thriving. The RET is responsible for that growth, as it has supported Australians to install renewable energy systems and the benefits of it are felt by individuals and communities. It’s becoming clearer that the proposed NEG will not include the RET’s system of what amounts to a rebate on renewable energy installations for households and businesses.

Take Action

The Smart Energy Council is calling on environmentally-conscious citizens to take preventative action and put pressure on the NEG. In around two weeks the States and Territories will decide the future of the renewable energy industry, most likely locking in this highly problematic policy. If you’re with us and believe the NEG will hurt more than it will help, you can show your support by emailing Premiers and Ministers by simply clicking this link: http://smartenergy.good.do/saverenewables/emailministers/.

We hope you will take action by contacting your MPs today – and encourage your friends and family to do the same. To take advantage of the RET rebate while it does last, be sure to contact us at 1300 969 471 or get a quote for your home or business at https://gemenergy.wpengine.com/get-a-quote/.