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Solar And Battery Systems Design

The GEM Energy in-house engineering team is responsible for winning 3 CEC installation and design awards.

RPEQ Solar Engineering Services

Dobinsons Springs And Suspensions – 517kW

2 x CEC Award-winning project 2016

The industry leaders

Multi-award-winning design and engineering

The GEM Energy in-house engineering team is responsible for winning 3 CEC installation and design awards – we are the only company to date to have done this.

2016 – Best Solar and Battery Back-up Project

2016 – Best Project Over 100kW

2019 – Australia Zoo 638kW

RPEQ Engineering Services

Our Engineering Manager, Ramy Hanafy is REPQ certified, NER certified and a CEC Accredited Designer.

GEM Energy is one of the few solar companies to have an RPEQ Engineer in-house. This means we avoid sub-contracting RPEQ services to. We can offer Ramy’s RPEQ solar services to you also – just fill in the contact form below. Combined, Ramy’s experience in the solar industry and his RPEQ services make an invaluable combo.

With an RPEQ, GEM Energy can offer:

  1.  Design certificate report (DRC).
  2. Compliance Report (CR).
  3. IES testing and commissioning
  4. Comprehensive power quality assessment.
  5. Grid Protection relay (GPR) injection testing.


Ramy Hanafy Solar Engineering RPEQ Services

Ramy Hanafy, GEM Energy’s Head Engineer

RPEQ, NER & CEC Accredited Designer

15+ years electrical engineering experience

DNSP’s Network Connection Applications

We can submit your connection application to any DNSP, providing them all relevant technical documents and drawings, follow up with them until the approval of your application.

Power Factor Correction Design

Check if you are charged according to a kVA (kilovolt-ampere) demand tariff which is commonly known as ‘apparent power’ (or real power plus re-active power). Every facility consumes an amount of re-active power but this energy is considered ‘wasted’. You can reduce your electricity costs with Power Factor Correction, which simply reduces the amount of power you are wasting.

Commmercial Solar System Audit services

The Our qualified engineers who are certified from Clean Energy Council, Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) and Engineers Australia have the capabilities to review technical drawings to assure it is compliant with relative standards and regulations as well as design to perform.

Network Protection Unit Design, Supply and Testing

Design and supply NPUs complete with all required protection and monitoring equipment, programmed and tested by RPEQ.

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