Opposition leader Bill Shorten praised the goodness of ABill Shortenustralian solar power revolution, in an event at the University of New South Wales organised by the Chifley Research Centre on Friday, 14 August 2015.

The main subject of discussion was based on “the opportunities of action and the cost delay on climate change”. He chose UNSW due to what Al Gore said few weeks ago, “UNSW is leading the world in solar technology”.

He indicated that Australia is endowed with enough renewable energy to provide electricity to the country more than 500 times, and the urge to make renewable energy a primary energy is not only about putting Australia on top but also about comparing Australia with some countries like China and India.

“I want Australia to get our fair share of the $2.5 trillion in investment in renewables in the Asia-Pacific region by 2030,” Mr Shorten stated.

Mr Shorten later stated the analysis by Bloomberg indicates that within 5-years: a 4 kW of rooftop solar panels, with a 5 kilowatt hour battery will give you cheaper electricity than you get off the grid.

“This is a consumer revolution, as much as it is an energy transformation. Empowering Australian households, communities and businesses.” Said Mr Shorten.

Over 15, 000 small-scale business in Australia have solar installed and over 1.4 million residences in Australia now have solar installed on their rooftops – one out of three houses in Queensland and one out of five houses in New South Wales.

The Opposition leader later stated that renewable energy is the future for Australian residents. He also said that the number of people working in the local renewable energy sector might double from 20,000 by 2030.

“This is the case for renewable energy: new jobs, new investment, new industries. Cutting pollution, downward pressure on prices and more empowered consumers, businesses and farmers,” Mr Shorten stated.

“And what is the case against? Well…Tony Abbott rode his bike near a windmill once and didn’t like it. Joe Hockey drives past a windfarm on his way to Canberra and he finds it ‘utterly offensive’…and that’s about it.”

Mr Shorten described the leadership of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his party as ‘gambling’.

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