Solar Hot Water Systems

Manufactures in:

China and Australia

Presence in Australia: Yes

Supplier Snapshot: SolarArk

SolarArk was established in 2009 and is today a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance solar hot water systems in Australia. The company owns a factory in China to manufacture its solar collectors while the storage tank and controller are fully Australian made components. Solar Ark has collected vast experience in the field of HVAC (Heating, ventilating, air conditioning) since the mid – 1980’s, and this knowledge and engineering capability has been applied to develop industry leading hot water systems as well as other product categories such as Solar Ventilation, Solar Hydronics and Co-Generation.
SolarArk’s hot water systems are designed for a diverse range of residential and commercial applications. The company specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning solar hot water systems that are easy to install and offer unparalleled quality and superior performance. Solar Ark provides excellent customer service with up to 15 years warranty on some components. The company assists customers understand and leverage the advantages of solar energy in a cost effective and energy efficient manner.

Product Snapshot

Main Features

  • 15-year warranty glass tubes, collector & tank.
  • Five-year warranty on electrical components (pump, controller).
  • Save 50-90% on your hot water bills.
  • Evacuated tubes passively track the sun, making your system more effective.
  • Lightweight and durable design.
  • Hail and wind loading proof as per Australian and International standards.
  • Eligible for Government rebates.
  • Excellent cold weather performance and frost-protected without the use of glycol.
  • Frames are certified for all cyclonic regions.
  • Low-maintenance design.
  • Different sizes for a range of residential and commercial applications.
  • Fast and efficient local post-sale support.

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The installation was efficient and we were kept informed every step of the way.
Gayle Harper

Mt Isa

This time last year my bill was just over $1,000 and this time it was a measly $128.48 and that included $124.48 solar scheme credit. Thanks everyone at GEM, you have made my life a lot easier 🙂

Gin Gin

Great honest company I would recommend to anyone.
Bob Greaves