Solar Hydrogen Production

Leap into next generation of clean fuel with solar hydrogen production here in Australia and internationally. We are your solar hydrogen providers.

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Solar Hydrogen Production

Solar hydrogen production is new territory and comes with many opportunities to be capitalized upon. Investing in renewable hydrogen infrastructure requires solutions for design, installation operation, maintenance, ownership and financing and who better to consult with than our experienced team and partners with years of industry and commercial experience. We are your solar hydrogen system providers.

A system works with renewable electricity, which is generated through our solar energy systems and is combined with water to create hydrogen. This is then stored to be used as a clean fuel source. This is a much more cost effective fuel source than fossil fuels and with the price of renewable energy considerably dropping over past few years, solar hydrogen production is now an incredibly viable solution.

Tried and tested

Green solar hydrogen production is a demonstratably effective and economically viable power source. The evidence can be seen in the success of the technology in Japan and South Korea. These nations have subsequently committed to making hydrogen a critical part of their energy future. These cases also reveal a business opportunity within the market to export hydrogen to nations with such a demand for hydrogen.

Our experience

Our experience in the solar industry spans over many years of change and growth in the industry. During these times we have consistently stayed at the forefront of market leading technology to ensure that our bespoke energy solutions meet the demand of our residential and large commercial clients.

Some of our key installations include 638kW for Australia Zoo, 463kW for O’Brien Group Arena, 1MW for the Brisbane Technology Park and 4MW for PCYC Queensland. Our dedicated in-house team of Consultants, Engineers, Installers and Quality Assurance Officers has been preferred by many nationally and internationally recognized companies for our exceptional work within solar energy, battery energy storage systems and energy efficiency management.

We are now excited to work collaboratively with Nel Hydrogen, a leading international green hydrogen company, alongside investors and commercial clients for future Australian solar hydrogen projects and international solar hydrogen projects.

Our installation of the O’Brien Group Arena 463kW Solar Energy System


Andrew Dicks is an experienced science & engineering professional, a clear analytic thinker, with an international standing in hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and a good track record in innovation and project management at a high level. His expertise covers:  Integrated Energy Systems, Research Management, Emerging Energy Technologies, Hydrogen Energy, Fuel Cell Systems, Gas Processing and Power Generation. His cutting-edge knowledge of energy technology combined with experience in both industry and academia, places him in a unique position to be able to assess the viability of new paradigms in energy supply and distribution, and to lead the research and development of new hydrogen energy systems. Enquire about Hydrogen Solar Production below! 

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