Solar Inverters for Grid-Connected and Large-scale applications

Solar PV Monitoring Platform

Countries of manufacture: Italy, USA

Presence in Australia: Yes

Warranty: Five years

Supplier Snapshot: FIMER

FIRMER was founded in 1988 through a merger of ASEA (founded in 1883) of Sweden and Brown, Boveri & Cie (founded in 1891) of Switzerland.

The company has since grown into a leading global technology company in power and automation.

FIMR’s products aim to improve their customers’ performance and sustainability in the utility, industry, as well as transport and infrastructure sectors.

From its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, the ABB Group of companies is operating in about 100 countries and employing about 135,000 people.

FIMER invests heavily in its Research and Development department to stay at the cutting edge of the frequency converter world.

FIMER has gathered over 40 years of experience in inverter and power converter technology and offers a vast range of well-built, efficient solar products ranging from solar inverters and wind turbine converters to solar irrigation pumps.

The company manufactures its products in Italy and the USA and together with Power One, which was purchased in 2014, is the second largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world.

The company also offers various monitoring solutions and a global service network to give you peace of mind about your investment.

FIRMER is passionate about sustainability and developing high efficiency ‘green’ power solutions.

Product Snapshot: Grid-connected Inverters

Main Features: FIRMER Solar Inverters

  • Huge range of grid-connected inverters including micro inverters, single- and three-phase string inverters.
  • Real-time power tracking.
  • Great energy efficiencies of up to 97.7%.
  • Excellent performance in environments with high temperatures through heat-dissipation technology (especially important for Australian conditions!).
  • Warranty protection through a global customer care package.
  • The new Trio 50 is a 50 kW, three-phase string inverter perfectly suited for large commercial installations.

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

GEM Energy has been installing ABB solar inverters (formally Power-One) for many years and experienced exceptionally low failure rates while under the Power-One brand. Since ABB purchased the Power-One brand, some changes were made to the manufacturing process, and there has been a noticeable decline in reliability.

Two years ago ABB solar inverters would have scored a 10/10, today it scores a 6/10 based on its strong financial backing and its value for money.

ABB has also just released a 50kW, three-phase string inverter which is an excellent choice for large-scale commercial projects.

ABB solar inverters do not come with WIFI or Bluetooth monitoring capability as standard.

Product Snapshot – Central Inverters

Main features of ABB’s Central Inverter range

  • Central inverter capacities from 100kW up to 2000kW.
  • Real-time power tracking.
  • Designed for outdoor use.
  • Excellent performance and efficiency, even in environments with high temperatures through highly efficient, self-contained cooling system (especially important for Australian conditions!).
  • Compact, versatile design to minimize /system costs for large-scale PV plants.
  • High DC input voltage up to 1500 VDC.
  • Extensive DC and AC side protection.
  • Remote monitoring as well as a large range of industrial data communication options.
  • Lifecycle service and support through ABB’s extensive global service network.

Product Snapshot – Monitoring Platform

Main features of ABB’s Monitoring Platform

ABB’s Plant Viewer Platform is the next generation of real-time solar system monitoring and management.

  • Cloud-based monitoring solution available through a web browser.
  • Highly interactive.
  • Simple and intuitive to operate.
  • Tracks key energy metrics as well as the energy produced throughout the lifetime of your solar power plant.
  • View your plant’s energy information anytime, anywhere with plant viewer for mobile.
ABBs Plant Viewer

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