Solar Micro Inverters

Manufactures in: China


10 years and some products can be upgraded to 20 years

Presence in Australia: Yes

Supplier Snapshot: Enphase

Enphase Energy was founded in 2006 in Petaluma, California and is known for its cutting-edge range of solar photovoltaic (PV) micro-inverters and power management tools.

The company manufactures in China and sees itself as a provider of complete energy solutions to its customers.

Enphase Energy’s market share in the US has been steadily increasing over the years, sitting around 33% in December 2015.

Enphase Energy is passionate about innovation and quality, constantly developing new technologies with the goal of making energy – and the way we use it – more intelligent, more connected, and more cost effective.

Product Snapshot

Main features of Enphase inverter range:

  • Excellent efficiency.
  • Reliability and durability.
  • Compatibility with most other components, including from other brands.
  •  Safety.
  • Great accessories and software for tracking your system’s performance.

GEM Energy’s Evaluation

Enphase offer good reliability and good features such as WIFI monitoring and the ability for each panel to work independently. It boasts some advantages from a safety point of view but the lack of functionality and ability to change the power factor means that this system is not fit for use in some states. Scores 7/10.

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So excited to open my power bill today. Thank you GEM Energy, my bill has more than halved, what a great investment!



This time last year my bill was just over $1,000 and this time it was a measly $128.48 and that included $124.48 solar scheme credit. Thanks everyone at GEM, you have made my life a lot easier 🙂


Gin Gin

Got first full quarter bill from Ergon today since installing a system with GEM. Previous bill was approximately $1,700 – this one $375…gotta love Solar!!!


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