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Manufactures in: Australia

Warranty: 5 + 2 years as GEM Energy are accredited installers

Exported to the German Solar Market!

Supplier Snapshot: Selectronic

Selectronic were founded in 1964 by the Scott family in Australia and quickly established itself as a major manufacturer of custom-made transformers and inductors for the local electronics industry.

In 1981 the company’s electronics division was established to manufacture power conversion products in the emerging renewable energy market. At the cusp of the development new and renewable technologies and inverters Selectronic Australia became a leading developer producing their first power conversion product – a 360 Watt DC to AC modified square wave inverter.

In 1994, passionate about green energy and with increasing demand from the solar industry Selectronic Australia expanded. The company produced one of the first true sine wave inverters in the world. This new technology addressed the shortcomings of the modified square wave products. It also revolutionised the quality of the customer’s power in renewable energy systems.

Selectronic’s focus has always been on servicing customer needs and today this second-generation family company manufactures a world class range of highly innovative, functional, and interactive hybrid and off-grid solar inverters. Seletronic’s efficient and cost-effective inverters form the heart of storage-based renewable energy systems, including solar hybrid and off-grid systems.

Selectronic Australia installs product prototypes in tests sites. The prototypes are monitored for hundreds of hours to ensure they will work in real-world conditions. By keeping the entire product development and production process in house, Selectronic Australia can remain agile and be responsive to customer needs.

The company works to international certifications and is committed to continuously improve all aspects of its operations with the help of an accredited Quality Management System.

Product Snapshot

Main features

  • Low distortion sine wave Interactive Inverter Charger with grid feed ability.
  • Advanced thermal techniques provide excellent high-temperature performance.
  • 63 amp AC transfer switch with anti-chatter protection.
  • Automatic changeover when grid fails without using a second inverter.
  • World leading 300% surge capacity.
  • True 100% charge capacity.
  • Five stage battery charging with dual float points and adjustable temperature compensation.
  • Battery mid point monitoring with automatic equalization.
  • Function to automatically start and stop backup generator as needed.
  • e-monitored voltage.
  • Redundant safety disconnect for pluggable operation.
  • Plug and play or fully configurable via computer.
  • Eighteen months of logged daily totals.
  • Adjustable sample rate for system data.
  • Easy to use configuration/monitoring software supplied standard.
  • “Partial state of charge” control can minimise generator run time.
  • Superbly quiet.
  • 4 x addressable relay outputs and 3 x digital outputs.
  • 4 x addressable digital inputs and 2 x analogue inputs.
  • 2 x user definable shunt inputs.
  • Low battery shut-down override in case of emergency.
  • Discretionary load control.
  • External solar regulator bypass function.
  • 2 x serial ports with power for accessories.
  • Variable speed fan with service alert.
  • Lifetime monitored capacitors with service alert.
  • Field-serviceable, modular design under certain conditions.

 GEM Energy’s Evaluation

Selectronic’s hybrid and off-grid solar inverters are made in Melbourne, Australia, and are exported to the German solar market, proving to us that they really have done something right. They offer higher reliability, functionality, and greater versatility than any other off-grid solar inverter on the market and are suitable for very large off-grid applications.

The Selectronic inverter/charger unit will log any of your consumption which then enables us to fine-tune the performance of your system with over 120 different settings, which is way beyond any other competitor.

As a perfect example of their flexibility and capability, we have used Selectronic inverters for Australia’s largest AC coupled and grid-connected hybrid system to date. Although Selectronic is not the largest inverter manufacturer, they were the only company capable of modifying their SP-PRO inverter range to suit our requirements for the hybrid system at the Bundaberg Christian College.

Scores 10/10.

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Solar installers are a dime a dozen these days, but proper energy engineering contractors like yourselves are few and far between.
Toby Murdoch

Electrical Engineer, Ashburner Francis Consulting Engineers

I would recommend GEM Energy to anyone looking for a Solar PV provider.
Cameron Dean

Gin Gin & Dry

The work was completed in conjunction with our business needs and everyone from GEM Energy involved with the installation was professional, competent and courteous to the YMCA staff and our patrons.

Phil Sellwood

CEO, Bundaberg YMCA