Solar power is getting popular and accepted in every corner of Australia. People were bit shaky before about solar energy but nowadays perception towards solar power is changing quickly.This is encouraged by increasing power prices, falling costs and improved knowledge in the industry.

Increased competition between rival companies has led to a price war in the market. Even though the price is still high in Australia, after getting solar rebate from government you need to pay $3500 at least for a mediocre system, which can be considered quite high when comparing to other parts of the word.

When the solar boom started in Australia the manufacturing companies have taken same strategy not to compromise with quality as a result consumers are paying more (Compare to other countries) but enjoying the durability given that solar panels are under a massively increased amount of stress in Australia. This is due to increased levels of irradiation, salt mist, heat, humidity, cyclones, hail storms etc.

Solar panel prices comparison with features offered for consumers:

Commercial solar and residential solar power systems can begin as small as 1.5kW and can reach up to 1000kW. The correct sized system for your own property depends on your expectations on price, service and quality. On an average you will get almost same price for all companies with very little changes in rates. The lump sum price can be figured out in the following observations:



All though companies take higher price after the government rebate but then also they come up with good quality products.

Manufacturing companies provide components with high efficiency to fetch the customers’ attraction towards the products. Please take a look on the bar chart given below to get the pin point idea about price falls of last 4 years or so.

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