Solar Panels System and Installation Rockhampton

GEM Energy offer the best finance plans in the industry for your residential and commercial solar power system.

GEM Energy is proud to offer good old-fashioned service with 100% honesty and integrity.

We have extensive experience installing thousands of kWs of solar panels and solar panel inverters over the last few years in Brisbane, Townsville and all over Australia, leaving a trail of happy customers in our wake. Australian electricity prices are some of the highest in the world, and they will continue to rise. Going Solar can be an incredible way to save money on your electricity bills and do a good thing for the environment at the same time. GEM Energy offers a number of affordable finance options with 5kW systems available from as little as $50 per week with no upfront costs. Most importantly, we give our customers invaluable support and information on the world of solar.

What components will you need?

Components of residential solar systems include:
  • solar panels
  • one or more solar inverter
  • one or more batteries, depending on your setup
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You are now able to go Solar without finding thousands of dollars in upfront capital. We offer interest-free repayment plans with no upfront costs.


The Commonwealth Government issues Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) as part of its Renewable Energy Target (RET) policy.

Hybrid Solar

Gain more independence from rising energy prices. Store your electricity and use it at night and during peak times when it is most expensive to buy from the grid.

Solar in the Northern Territory

Going Solar makes more sense in the Northern Territory than anywhere else in Australia

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GEM Energy has extensive experience designing and installing off-grid solar power systems to generate your own electricity which include battery storage and a backup generator.

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What our customers say about us

So excited to open my power bill today. Thank you GEM Energy, my bill has more than halved, what a great investment!


This time last year my bill was just over $1,000 and this time it was a measly $128.48 and that included $124.48 solar scheme credit. Thanks everyone at GEM, you have made my life a lot easier 🙂

Gin Gin

Got first full quarter bill from Ergon today since installing a system with GEM. Previous bill was approximately $1,700 – this one $375…gotta love Solar!!!


Solar Panels Rockhampton:

Good things may come in small packages, however great things are generated by our GEM Energy solar panel packages. Over recent years, Solar Power and Solar Panels has grown greatly in popularity. If you are looking to save money while doing your part to save the environment through the installation of a solar panel system, look no further than GEM Energy achieve just that. Whether you are seeking installation for your residence, a commercial space or a school, it is guaranteed that you will see the benefits solar power has to offer and FAST! As Rockhampton is situated in stunning Central Queensland, it has shown to be the ultimate location to obtain the best results out of your solar panels. The process works by storing energy in our powerful and advanced batteries during the day and producing reliable power solution at night. From incredible energy efficiency, decreased carbon emissions to lowering your power bill, in your home, organisation or school premises, it is obvious that the beneficial factors on offer is substantial. At GEM Energy, are confident in our experience, knowledge and expertise to be able to offer you varying options that best suit your needs and lifestyle. With electricity prices consistently on the rise with unfortunately no relief in sight, now is the best time to invest in solar panels and join the billions of Australians in the solar powered generation and where better than sunny Rockhampton, Queensland. At GEM Energy we are here to help you achieve just that and we guarantee you will never be disappointed.

As previously stated, the benefits of investing in solar panels and solar power in Rockhampton is huge, only some of which include:

  • Beneficial to our environment by lowering our carbon footprint
  • Provides a renewable energy source
  • Saving you money by lower power bills
  • Creating more curb side appeal to your property
  • Very low to no maintenance required

With that said, it is no wonder why choosing to invest in solar panels Rockhampton is the best option moving forward into the future of renewable and independent energy.

Why GEM Energy:

At GEM Energy we are industry leaders in all aspects of Solar Power and Solar Panel installation and since being established in 2013, we have seen our success rate and reputation skyrocket. This has been achieved through our genuine passion for customer satisfaction and experience. We are proud to be servicing Rockhampton and its surrounds for many years, with our main goal to transform Rockhampton homes, schools and commercial spaces through our professional solar panel installations. We respect the amount of options there are throughout Rockhampton for solar panel installation, however, through our competitive prices, second to none expertise and service, we know that GEM Energy can not be beaten. We approach every single project with an individualised approach and tailor both your service and system to ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. We have a passion for saving our clients money while providing a highly sort after energy solution. This is proven time and time again through our long standing history of happy customers. If you are seeking a first class service, expert knowledge and skill and a superior customer experience, GEM Energy will look after you. We provide exceptional quality in every aspect of our work and we continue to provide nothing less than excellence. GEM Energy strives to continue to maintain our high standards throughout Rockhampton, so you can trust in us to always deliver from the moment you contact us to the second our work is complete. You may be asking yourself, what exactly does GEM Energy do that allows us to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Just to name a few:

  • Turn-Key Solutions – Design, Engineering, Procurement, Project Management, Installation, Commissioning and Asset Management.
  • Off-grid, Remote, and Hybrid Energy Systems – Custom-designed power supplies for any operation in any location.
  • Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimization – Making your operation more efficient.
  • UPS and Business Continuance Systems – Keep your power on when the grid is down.
  • Smart Energy Management Systems – Remote Monitoring and Control of pumps, Lighting plants, CCTV stations and more.
  • Utility-scale Battery Storage Systems – The future is here: Produce your own energy during the day and store it in batteries to be used at night.
  • Asset Management – Free post-installation support for up to three years.
  • Large-scale Solar PV – Commercial, Industrial, and Power Purchase Agreements.
  • Energy Monitoring and Consultancy – Performance and analysis tools to pinpoint inefficiencies, live-track your solar system and more.
  • Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Solutions – LED Lighting upgrades save money and energy.
  • Tri-generation and Co-Generation Energy Systems – Implement more than one source of power generation to your operation.
  • Solar Irrigation – Our custom-designed solar irrigation systems make economical and ecological sense.

At the heart of GEM Energy is our incredible team and over time, we have built up a tight-knit and strong dynamic through our aligned passion and commitment to reliability, quality and service. Our team consists of talented, even prize-winning electrical engineers, skilled installers from around the country, qualified finance experts as well as knowledgeable sales and customer service staff.

As energy bills continue to grow while the price of solar panels and systems Rockhampton remain cost effective it is no wonder why the popularity of solar power and solar panels Rockhampton is on the rise and consumers across the nation are making the switch. If you are looking to invest in guaranteed a high quality product, service and experience then contact GEM Energy today to find out more. We look forward to assisting you put more money in your pocket while also doing your part for the environment.