Jinko Solar

One of the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) panels in the world.

Jinko Solar 
Presence in AustraliaYes
Country of manufactureChina, Malaysia, South Africa, Portugal
Product warranty10
Performance warranty25
Temperature co-efficient (the lower the better)-0.004
Anti-PID as standardNo
Junction Box IP (the higher the better)IP65
Tier Ranking1

Supplier Snapshot: Jinko Solar

Founded in China in 2006, Jinko Solar is today one of the largest manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) panels in the world, having sold its products to 59 countries in 2014.

The company began its journey as a manufacturer of solar panel components and quickly grew to become one of the leading innovators and project developers in the solar market.

Jinko Solar is a fully vertically integrated company, meaning it produces all components for its products itself, and uses fully automated production processes, thereby reducing human error and achieving consistently high-quality products, which is one part of achieving Tier 1 status.

Jinko Solar invests heavily in Research & Development (R&D) and works closely together with universities and industry experts to stay at the cutting edge of the market.

The company operates five manufacturing plants spread around the globe and is part of the Silicon Module Super League (SMSL), a group of the six largest module suppliers in the PV market today.

The company plans and develops large-scale commercial and utility solar projects in China and around the world, including the installation of the largest privately owned rooftop solar system at the Brisbane Markets in Australia. Jinko Solar have to date connected over 1GW to the grid.

Product Snapshot

Main features of Jinko Solar Panels:

  • Excellent module efficiency of up to 16.54%. This means that the panels on your roof collect more power per square meter and you require less roof space.
  • Some guaranteed PID (Potential Induced Degradation) -free modules for lasting performance in coastal and agricultural areas.
  • Low temperature coefficient (up to -0.40%) which means that the panel performs very well in higher temperatures and is suitable for our hot Queensland climate.
  • Dual glass modules for increased resistance to corrosion and micro-cracking.
  • Smart modules with inbuilt cell optimisers to increase energy productivity by reducing negative impacts such as shading on your solar system.
  • Excellent performance in low-light conditions through advanced glass and solar cell texturing surface.
Jinko Solar Panels
Jinko Solar Panels
Jinko Solar Panels
Jinko Solar Panels

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