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Experience confidence and savings with SunPower technology – reducing electric bills for homes and businesses. SunPower’s extensive portfolio offers an impressive range of powerful solutions, each designed for optimal performance, maximum savings and long-term reliability. 

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Why Sunpower Stands Out

Since the 1970’s, the American company has been kicking goals in every way. From developing solar technology for solar power race cars and aeroplanes to developing solar cell technology that powered the Pathfinder aircraft by NASA.

SunPower now applies their years of research, development and experience into their residential products so that you can have the same technlogy on your home!

Full 25 year Product & Performance Warranty

All SunPower panels are backed by a full industry leading 25 year product and performance warranty, backed by extensive third party testing and field data.

Company Longevity

SunPower has been in business for over 34 years. Established in 1985, SunPower is one of the longest operating solar manufacturers in Australia in the industry.

Diversified Global Headquarters

SunPower is one of the front runners in leading residential and commercial. With offices and manufacturing based in Japan, South Africa, North America, Europe and Latin America.

Powering A Brighter Tomorrow

SunPower has a closed-loop sustainability strategy and a unique short energy payback to neutral in 1.2 years.


The best of the best


Performance Series

SunPower solar panels combine the conventional cells with 35 years of materials and manufacturing experience to deliver panels that exceed expectations of performance, reliability and aesthetics of Conventional Panels. 

Since 2015, SunPower’s innovative shingled cell Performance panels have delivered enhanced reliability and durability that your energy providers demand. Backed by an international portfolio or patents and patent applications to secure technology advantage and more than 2 GW deployed to date, SunPower panels will continue to be one of the leading providers in the market for years to come.

Performance Series

Areospace-grade conductive adhesives reinforce cell connections to withstand the stresses of daily temperature swings.

Creating flexible paths for electricity flow by redundant cell connections that reduce the impacts of cells cracks on power output.

The Performance Series panels can deliver up to as much as 8% more energy in the same space over the first 25 years when compared to conventional panels. 

The sleek all black design of residential panels is ideal for residential installations, blending harmoniously into your roof and adding elegance to your home.

Maxeon Series

Maxeon solar panels are designed to be different even in the harshest conditions – proven to be better across more than 1 billion Mexeon cells and 30 million Maxeon panels. Conventional solar cells lose power over time because of corrosion and breakage. 

The record setting Maxeon Series technology ensures that you have the very best solar for your home and business. Maxeon solar panels are proven to be better across more than 1 billion Maxeon cells and 30 million Maxeon panels. With the top realiability, durability and efficiency all backed by our industry-leading warranty. The unique design of the Maxeon series cell eliminates 86% of the reasons that the average conventional cells fail. SunPower panels will continue to deliver on solar and on savings!

Maxeon Series

More Power = More savings. 29% more power from the same space and up to 35% more energy over the first 25 years. 

Maxeon Series panels demonstrate the lowest degradation rates in the industry with almost 4x stronger reliability than other conventional panels.

The patented metal foundation of the Maxeon series allow the cells to bend under tough weather conditions.

Proven return rate of less than 0.005% on over 15 million panels

40 years of useful life expected 

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