Solar System Performance

Multiple factors determine the performance of your Solar System

When determining solar PV system performance, there are multiple factors to be considered such as system location, actual installation parameters, local shading and dusting factors as well as proper system maintenance.

When we get started on a project, it is often too complex to precisely define actual system performance without taking into account all actual parameters.

However, there are some general rules of thumbs that can point out to bad system performance.

In general, for Australia (also depending on location and actual location parameters) one could expect to achieve 3-3.5 kWh per installed kWp per day.

For example, a 5kw system should produce a minimum of 15kWh – 17.5kWh. However, this number can vary significantly – we have seen production figures of 22.5kWp and even 30kWh for a 5kW system – it all depends on local parameters.

After installing a solar system, GEM Energy will monitor its performance via an online portal to ensure that it is running as good as possible. We will also be alerted to any problems, should there be any, and can work quickly to resolve the issue.

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