South Australia’s Door Opened to More Renewable Energy Investment and Projects

The South Australian Government has minimised policy issues on renewable energy projects on state Crown lands; a strategy will give immense predictability to investors and render South Australia even more competitive.

The declaration of the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation (Renewable Energy) Amendment Act 2014 indicates that wind farm developers have the mandate to apply for 25-year licences on Crown land; with regards to pastoral lease tenure. Developers will also be provided with opportunity to renew for further 25-years.

“Securing investor confidence is key to the long-term future of the renewable energy industry, and this Act serves to cement South Australia’s position as the preferred destination for renewable energy development,” Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter stated.

The Clean Energy Council commended the change.

“It will open up large parts of the state to new renewable energy projects, creating jobs and investment in regional parts of the state which really need it,” said CEC Policy Manager Alicia Webb

“This comes during a tough time when the auto manufacturing industry is getting out of the Australian market and we need to get more creative about new sources of economic activity.”

Ms. Webb indicated that South Australia currently generates over 40% of its electricity from clean energy via projects that have incurred over $6 billion worth of investment in the territory. The South Australian government has a renewable energy investment target of $10 billion.

“Australia’s national Renewable Energy Target will generate 15,200 new jobs and more than $40 billion worth of investment, and it is great to see South Australia doing what they can to attract more of these benefits,” said Ms. Webb.

Should South Australia be a country, it would be next to Denmark with respect to wind energy development.

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