The Government of South Australia has set a target for the state to be powered fully by low emission electricity.  As stated by the Premier Jay Weatherill yesterday, the government is seeking consents and supports from the energy sector for the provision of low carbon electricity; specified as emitting lower than 400kg carbon dioxide equivalent per megawatt hour of electricity produced.

Coal-fired power facilities release on average around 1,000 kg of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour and natural gas related power stations emit over 500 kg. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power are therefore leading in the race.

The Government is looking for plans to generate up to 481GWh of electricity yearly, which is equal to 100 percent of the government’s energy requirements.

The EOI is also seeking manifestos and plans for energy productivity.

“We are determined to make Adelaide a showcase city for low-carbon and clean technologies, to attract investment, drive innovation and create new jobs,” Mr Weatherill stated.

Grassroots group Solar Citizens accepted the move.

“A global race towards a clean energy future is on and South Australia has today pulled ahead with its 100% “low carbon electricity” commitment,” said National Director Claire O’Rourke.“Premier Wetherill has shown strong leadership in placing renewable energy at the forefront of future energy plans for South Australia.”

Solar Citizens advised all Territory Premiers to learn from South Australia.

“Australians are ready for the jobs, opportunities and savings on power bills that solar and other renewable energy technologies deliver,” said Ms. O’Rourke.

South Australia generates over 36 percent of its energy from clean energy sources and one fourth of South Australia households rooftops have solar panels installed on them. The territory is so far predominant in the production of wind power in Australia and covers 41 percent of the country’s installed wind capacity.

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