A feed-in-tariff is the amount your electricity retailer pays you for any electricity your solar PV system generates that you don’t use, and is instead fed back into the grid. All large retailers are required to offer their eligible customers both a standard and a premium feed in tariff. You can receive the feed in tariff by contacting your retailer once you have a solar power system installed with the correct metering in place.

Presently, feed-in tariff directives for renewable energy are in present in more than 40 nations globally and they are largely accepted as one of the feasible and most efficient ways of increasing solar energy uptake.

Feed-In-Tariffs in Australia

Presently, Australia does not have nation-specific feed-in-tariff scheme, only the state controls and manages the program.

Victoria (VIC) 6.2 c/kWh
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 6.0c/kWh – 7.5c/kWh
Tasmania (TAS) 5.55C/kWh
Northern Territory (NT) Equal to consumption rate
Western Australia (WA) Varies
Queensland (QLD) 6.0c/kWh – 12c/kWh
New South Wales (NSW) 5.1C/kWh – 8.0C/kWh

*The figures listed above are related to new connections and are subject to amendment. GEM Energy will keep all their customers updated should there be any change. You can also refer to our NEWS feed on our website for constant up-to-date news.

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