tesla powerwall 2 with gateway 2!

 Tesla Powerwall 2 is the leading residential and small commercial energy storage component on the market. Made by the internationally renowned brand.

Did you know…

In the Australian battery market Tesla Powerwall is:

  • The cheapest battery per kWh,
  • The largest storage system for home use,
  • The most simple to install and use with any inverter,
  • The best for backup when the grid is down,
  • and the only battery with automatic temperature regulation.

Don’t rely on the grid.

Your home can be powered by Tesla.

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Key Features

Backup Power

self-powered home

Reduce your bill While using more

Home Energy Monitoring

How Tesla Powerwall Is Leading

The Battery Industry

 Security & Backup Energy

Keep the lights on in when no-one else can.

With harsh weather conditions, black and brown outs are becoming more common – unfortunately many households are left powerless. With Powerwall 2 and solar energy you have a self sustaining energy system.

Temperature Optmisation

The Powerwall 2 will automatically cool or heat in order to maximize the capabilities of the cells inside.

No other battery on the market has this technology and it is crucial to the performance of your system.

A Clean future

Proudly embrace the most advanced clean energy technology on the Australian residential market.

Have the forefront of technology in your home and fully utilise your solar energy. With battery storage you can even feel the freedom of increasing your energy usage!

Control & Monitor

Have full control and visibility of your system.

With the iconic Tesla app, you can view the capacity of your battery, battery discharge times, solar production and many more features.

The Tesla App!

Check Your Battery Storage

From work, during the night or overseas, you can check your battery storage whenever you like. You can also check how much of your storage you are using and when. Feel like like keeping your battery at 70% in case of an emergency? You can control that and many other things with this easy to use app

Check Your Solar Usage

With the Tesla App you can also check how much your solar energy system is producing, how much you are exporting or importing from the grid and your usage times. The Powerwall 2 also learns your own and Australia’s energy usage patterns to optimize your battery for the best times.

Fully Charge Your Battery On Demand

Tesla Powerwall 2 is linked with data from the Bureau of Meteorology and has smart charging functionality that will fully charge your Powerwall 2 if it anticipates a storm that is likely to effect the grid. If you have an important event coming up that you want to be secure for, you can also choose to manually charge your battery up to 100%.


Testimonial Videos

Our Work With Tesla

We at GEM Energy were the first company in Australia to reach the very high standards of the brand and become Tesla Certified. Since then our company regularly attends training seminars and product briefings in order maintain our exceptional knowledge of the products. As one of our favourite products to specify and install, we have delivered Powerwall 2 to hundreds of residential clients as well as small to medium businesses in Australia (Image on the left of 9 PW2s for Emmanual College in Mackay).

In November of 2019 our senior staff journeyed to America to visit the Tesla Gigawatt factory where the products are made. The trip was insightful and revealed the absolute dedication to quality that the company has. The experts at the company discussed the benefits of their products for consumers at length with us, which inspired our confidence in delivering this product to our valued customer base.

Earlier in 2019 we installed the 2nd most batteries under the QLD Solar & Battery rebate scheme, many of which were Tesla Powerwall 2s and all of which were independently inspected for installation quality assurance. Our installations passed with flying colours as our CEC approved installers are regular trained with on the best installation practices.

A Little About The History of Tesla

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers in Silicon Valley who wanted to prove that electric cars could be better than petrol-powered cars. Tesla began its mission by designing a powertrain for a sports car built around an electric AC (Alternating Current) induction motor, patented in 1888 by Nikola Tesla, the inventor who inspired the company’s name. The Tesla Roadster was launched in 2008 and set a new benchmark for sustainable transport. Since then, the Tesla engineers have continued to design fast, efficient and practical cars that push the boundaries of what is generally considered possible. The company is also creating a network of charging stations, the Destination Chargers, for it customers around the world. Tesla is a technology and design company with a focus on energy innovation and the mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. The company entered the home storage battery market with its Tesla Powerwall Battery in 2015, and halved the cost of battery storage within a year when launching Powerwall 2 in 2016.

Tesla’s products are produced at its own factory in Fremont, California, providing thousands of jobs to the area and with a production capability of 1,000 cars a week. The company is expanding its manufacturing footprint into other areas, including in Tilburg, the Netherlands, where it has an assembly facility, and Lathrop, California, where it has a specialized production plant. To reduce the costs of lithium ion battery packs, Tesla and key strategic partners including Panasonic have begun construction of a gigafactory in Nevada. The massive giga factory will be a zero emissions building and facilitate the mass-production of affordable electric vehicles and battery packs for cars and home storage. By 2020 the giga factory will produce more lithium ion cells than all of the world’s combined output in 2013. Tesla offers the Powerwall and Powerwall 2 battery for residential customers as well as the Powerpack for commercial and utility-scale applications.

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