Australia’s wind energy sector has welcomed the instigation of the new Wind Farm Commissioner and Independent Scientific Committee on Wind Turbines, which should return a prudent attitude to the dispute.

The Chief Executive of the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) Kane Thornton, said that the designation should improve on community understanding regarding the technology and return a sensible tone to the Australian wind energy debates.

“The industry welcomes the appointment of Andrew Dyer to the position of Wind Farm Commissioner, as well as the members of the Independent Scientific Committee on Wind Turbines” Mr Thornton stated. “We will work with them in good faith. We expect that these new appointments will help to blow away some of the conspiracy theories about wind farms that have been championed by a small number of federal senators over the last few years.”

In addition, Mr Thornton indicated that speaking to indigenous communities regarding the reality of the technology is very paramount to make sure a strong support for wind energy is maintained and applied.

All reliable health and noise agencies in Australia and several government agencies have now provided reports to the conclusion that there is no reliable proof that wind turbines can directly affect people’s health. These groups are; The Australian Medical Association, The National Health and Medical Research Council, the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants, the South Australian EPA, the Victorian Department of Health and the New South Wales Department of Health.

Wind energy is currently observed by several nations as the less expensive kind of renewable energy, as well as being one of the cleanest and secured source of energy present. A lot of Aussies are in full support of the technology and wish to see a lot of renewable energy installed in the nation.

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