Our Philosophy – The GEM Energy Difference


GEM Energy is dedicated to providing strong customer service, quality components at affordable prices and some of the finest electrical engineering skills in Australia.

We are passionate about bringing solar to more people and more businesses, so we offer pricing and finance solutions that average Australians can afford.

From challenging custom installations to small home solar systems, GEM Energy’s experienced team will ensure that your solar project is viable and safe.

We like to do things right the first time. Problems are not good for anybody.

The Australian market has been flooded with knock-off products and poor quality components. There are even fake or replica solar panels on the market, and homeowners have no idea that they have potentially unsafe and under-performing equipment on their roofs.

GEM Energy only uses equipment from some of the largest manufacturers in the world. This means that if there is a problem, your chances of a successful warranty claim are far higher than they would be for a small manufacturing company that has only been operating for 18 months.

By using only the best equipment and doing things right during installation, we reduce the likelihood of problems to a minimum.

GEM Energy is a growing, sustainable company with excellent business foundations, and will be around for many years to come.

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