Largest Solar Power Facility

The largest solar power station in the world, with a capacity of 750 MW is to be constructed in Rewa district’s Gudh area, Madhya Pradesh’s Energy Minister Rajendra Shukla stated two days ago.

“Global tenders for commissioning the solar power station in an area over 1,500 hectares at Bandwar region in Gudh tehsil of Rewa, will be invited shortly,” Mr Shukla told PTI.

The plant is expected to start generating solar energy by March 2017.

The facility will start providing solar electricity by March 2017.

The project, dubbed Rewa Ultra Mega Solar- is jointly manned by Solar Energy Corporation of India and MP Urja Vikas Nigam, with each party having 50% stake, the Energy Minister included.

He stated that the said project take place on a virgin government land with one megawatt power generation requires two hectares portion of land. Mr Shukla further went ahead to say that the cost of producing one megawatt solar energy amounts to around Rs 7.6 crore, which is approximately AUD 0.16.

Presently, the largest solar power facility in the world – Ivanpah Solar Power Station with a capacity of 392 MW — is at Mojave deserts in California, United States, the minister stated.

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