Close up view of large rooftop solar array with trees, sky and clouds reflected in it

Once you’ve decided to change install a solar energy system, there are a few things you need to consider before you make the change. This includes your roof size, energy needs, how much sun your roof receives, choosing an installer, and whether you want to become totally self-sufficient or still rely on the main grid for some of your power.

Consider Your Roof

Have a look at your roof to decide if it gets enough sun and if you have enough room for solar panels. Homes and businesses that are shaded by trees for much of the day might not get enough sun to produce the electricity required. Depending on when your highest energy needs are, it’s possible to install some solar panels on the eastern side for more power in the mornings, or the western side for more in the afternoons. All roofs will get some sun, but some roofs will be more efficient at producing power than others.

Know Your Energy Requirements

Before you consider going solar, you need to know what size system is best for your needs. Here’s where it’s best to speak to an expert who can calculate your energy requirements and advise on the best system for you. If you’re considering a commercial application, it’s especially important to get the right advice before you go ahead.

Know When You Use the Most Energy

If you don’t have battery storage for your excess solar energy, you’ll only have power during the day. If you use most of your power at night, a good battery storage system will enable to use the energy produced in daylight hours every night. Even if you use most of your energy during the day, it’s a good investment to have battery storage to reduce your dependence on the main grid, and make use of free energy from the sun.

Are There Any Government Incentive Schemes?

Doing your homework can get you the best deal on your solar installation, because government incentives and rebates are changing all the time from state to state, and residential and commercial purposes. Your solar energy company will know all about the best government rebates for your needs.

Choosing an Installer

Choosing a reliable and professional solar energy system installer is a major factor in whether your solar switch is successful or not. Choose a reputable company with plenty of experience in commercial and residential installations. Preferably, choose a company that’s dedicated to helping you save money with solar power and has a passion for using the best components and technology, as well providing excellent after sales support.

Choosing Gem Energy

When you choose Gem Energy for your solar installations, you’re choosing a company that turns every one of our solar installations in a thriving investment. We not only install the systems, but we’re experts in renewable energy consultancy and implementation, photovoltaic engineering, electrical engineering and energy efficiency. We stand by all of our products and services, and we offer a complete solar energy service. Call 1300 969 471, or contact us online.

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