Total Harmonic Distortion

Running your business efficiently saves money and reduces carbon emissions.

Total harmonic distortion (THD) describes deviations from standard power quality in the distribution system.

Electric waveforms contain harmonics, and distortions in these harmonic waveforms of electricity have a drastic effect on power regulation, consumption, and electrical equipment.

You might be familiar with the concept through audio components such as speakers and amplifiers. Here the level of distortion describes the output quality of an audio recording – the lower the distortion, the more accurate is the reproduction.

In electrical distribution, THD has become an issue over the last decades through the introduction of new types of electrical equipment as well as power sources such as solar and wind.

These can cause voltage spikes and other variances in current, which in turn causes problems such as increased heat, interferences, and degradation of electrical equipment.

Generally, the power quality from your roof solar system is excellent because your inverter puts out an even current.

Problems and inefficiencies usually occur when a mix of electricity sources is used, or the incoming current does not match the current rating of equipment.

GEM Energy can help you run your home or business as efficiently as possible, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

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