AC Battery

United States’micro inverter manufacturer Enphase has chosen Australia to inaugurate its new AC Battery product. The Australian PV market has probably been chosen due to the high rate of home solar PV penetration, declining feed-in-tariff for solar power, feed in limitations within some territories, a low cost of solar PV for customers looking for more value.

The modular battery technology makes use of Japanese lithium-based battery system combined with Enphase power conversion and energy management systems.The 1.2 kWh battery system has a weight of 18kg and can be installed by one installer.  Its modularity helps homes to include extra 1.2kWh battery systems the benefits of storage become obvious.

Enphase noted that “Australia was chosen due to the company’s strong presence in the country and growing market share”. Enphase says that it has attracted about 8% market share Down Under.

“Australia has always been a strategic market for Enphase,” said Enphase Asia-Pacific managing director Nathan Dunn. “In the last two years since we’ve established a direct presence here, we’ve continued to see strong growth and demand for our microinverter systems. Enphase sees tremendous potential for the AC Battery in Australia and we are delighted to be the first country in the world to be introducing the Enphase AC Battery commercially.”

The initiative was made public at the Disruption &the Energy Industry Conference currently taking place in Sydney.The Enphase AC Battery is fabricated to be incorporated into the cloud-based Enphase Energy Management System. The technology helps homes to maximize the self-usage of electric power generated by rooftop solar PV.

Since solar feed-in-tariffs are being changed in many territories, this will provide extra incentive for Australian homes.

Even though residential customers were targeted, commercial consumers can also be offered, via combining several systems to increase the storage capacity of the system. The AC Battery will be released in Australia next year.

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