giant solar park

The U.S Navy unveils plans to invest in soon to be world’s giant solar farm, and the array will supply electricity for 14 of its bases.

The Mesquite solar park in Arizona has already two sectors operating and the US Navy’s move to expand the park makes it so far the largest renewable energy purchase by a U.S Federal Government Agency.

The third Mesquite solar farm, dubbed Mesquite 3, will be situated 60 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona which would generate 210 megawatts of electricity.

Additional installation of 650,000 solar panels as part of the move will be put in place, and US Navy states that it is intended to save $90 million the cost of electricity in the 25-year contract.

The analysis indicates that the new solar project will prevent 190,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, which is approximated as taking 33,000 cars off the road.

The project was launched by Ray Mabus – Secretary of State of the Navy, and has been campaigning for renewable energy to be utilized for military power production.
The US Department of Defense was hinted by the 2009 Congress to generate 25%of its electricity from clean energy by 2025.

It is estimated that by end of 2025the Navy’s gross renewable energy procurement will reach 1.2 giga watts, it will utilize the electricity for Navy and Marine Corps installations in California and neighbouring states, based on the information from the Navy officials.

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