Renewable Energy

Victoria is officially aiming at generating not less than 20% of the territory’s power from renewable energy by 2020, said the Andrews Government.

This move is part of the Andrews’ Government ‘road map’ for the renewable energy (such as wind and solar) industry to support and motivate more investment in the industry. A minimum RET of 20% by 2020 was established by the government, which is a bit less than the goal of Australia’s 23% target. Presently approximately 12% of Victorian electricity is derived from renewable energy.

Premier Daniel Andrews stated the Andres Government is willing to building approximately 100 MW of wind farm, by obtaining clean energy certificates from novel projects in Victoria.

“We think that’s about $200 million worth of investment, or 50 new wind turbine towers across regional parts of our state,” Mr Andrews stated.

“If we can do better, believe me, we will”.

The move is going to generate approximately 1,000 jobs in the region, says the Government.

Treasure Joe Hockey has told the Victorian Premier he “cannot stand the things”.
Mr Andrews stated that the renewable industry had been rejected.

“The renewable energy sector and the thousands of Victorians and Australians whose livelihoods depend upon it were betrayed with very bad policy, forgotten and left behind,” Mr Andrews said.
“That’s not good enough, we’ve got a very different set of priorities.”

Meanwhile Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber stated Mr Andrews was effectively declaring the Abbott’s Government’s reduction to the renewable energy target.
“We haven’t got time to waste and we can’t look at small, incremental targets,” he said.
“One hundred megawatts isn’t much when you consider the 2,800 megawatts that are sitting there ready to go, waiting for the proper incentives from a government, whether it be state or federal.”

Greg Barber stated that a 100% RET was required, coupled with a scheme to stop Victoria’s coal-fired power facility

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