Victorian Solar Homeowners Promised a Better Offer by the Victorian Government

Victorian Government has made public the beginning of an investigation which will make sure the territory’s solar homes and businesses get equitable deal or payment for exporting electricity to the grid.

Fulfilling an election commitment, the Victorian government’s True Value of Distributed Generation to Victorian Consumers enquiry will examine the benefits the 245,000 solar power systems established all over the territory give to its electricity network.

Another important factor to be dealt with during the enquiry are the ‘environmental and social benefits of distributed generation’.

“Making sure Victorians are fairly compensated for the solar power they produce is a good way to promote the uptake of renewable energy,” stated Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio.

“I strongly encourage all the relevant stakeholders; including the energy industry, environmental organisations and consumer advocacy groups, to participate in this important inquiry.”

Furthermore, other details regarding the inquiry which will be executed by the Essential Services Commission (ESC), will be made public.