With the cost of solar panels down to their lowest ever pricepoint (and likely the price they will stay at), the cost of electricity increasing, and feed-in tariffs making alternative energy a more attractive option, it’s clear that Aussie families and businesses alike should make the move to solar energy. If you’re in this group, you’ll be wondering foremost how to calculate what size system you will need to meet your energy requirements.

Here’s some things you and your solar energy provider should consider to make the best decision for your energy needs.

What’s On Your Electricity Bill?

Your quarterly electricity bill should provide you with details on your daily usage, which can give you a better understanding of your current needs. For example, the average three-bedroom home in Australia making moderate use of an air-conditioner would require a solar panel system that can generate 12-16kWh per day. With this information, you can calculate how many kW and panels you will need to meet that level of energy generation daily.

Did you know?

If you generate more renewable energy than what you can use and don’t have batteries to store the excess, it can go back into the grid – and you’ll get further compensated via feed-in tariffs!

How Much Electricity Do You Use During The Day?

Some areas of Australia receive more sunlight hours during the day than others – so when it comes to deciding what size solar energy system to install; you should estimate the amount of electricity you use only during the day in order to meet your requirements. Therefore, if your daily usage is 30kWh with two-thirds of that occurring in the day, that means that a 5kW solar system will potentially be more than enough for daily usage in your household – providing you with enough to export a sizable portion back onto the grid and earning feed-in tariffs.

If you were to install a larger solar panel system, you may need to install solar batteries to store the excess power. Without batteries, up to 50% of power generated would go back into the grid – and this would be considered a less successful investment.

If you want to avoid wastage, simply consult with a professional, accredited solar installer like our team here at GEM Energy.

How Many Panels Are Needed To Offset Electricity Usage?

Your utility bill should show how much electricity you have used in that quarter. Do a simple calculation to work out how many kWh you have used in a year and work out your daily usage, by dividing it by 365. For example, a person who used 4000kWh in the year would use about 10kW per day. Depending on their location (for example, Sydney) they’d then divide their usage (10kWh) by Sydney’s 3.9kWh per installed kW – giving them 2.8. This means that this person would need a 2.8kW sized solar power to generate renewable energy living in Sydney.

This method is useful for getting a general idea of what you could expect to use or pay, but if you want an accurate number you can act on and feel confident it will perform as desired, all you need to do is call one our accredited solar energy consultants on 1300 969 471 or visit our Get A Quote page. We’ll take care of the rest!

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