The size of the solar power system that you need depends on the amount of electricity that you use. The first thing that you should do is to determine the amount of power that you consume in your house. This calls for you to make a list of your appliances and the amount of electricity that they draw. You should also factor in the number of hours or days that you use them.

Another way of finding the amount of power that you consume is to take a look at your recent energy bills. Most energy companies incorporate a graph at the back of the power bill which gives you your average daily energy consumption. By looking at the back of the bill you will be able to come up with an average amount that you consume in a day. Many homes with an average sized family and use the air conditioner in a reasonable manner consume between 12kWh and 16kWh per day.

When there’s enough sunlight, 1KW solar power system will produce between 4kWh and 5kWh of energy every day. This means that if your daily needs are 12kWh you need to install a 3kW solar panel.

Online Solar Power System Calculators

If you don’t like this criterion of determining the size of solar panel that you need to install, you should use online solar power system calculators that will help you in determining the right size of panel that you need.

While the online calculators are accurate, you can also find out the accurate sizing manually. Here you need to take into consideration the environmental conditions, configuration of the panel and any other factors that can affect the performance of the solar panel.

You should start by calculating your daily electricity use. You can do this by dividing half of your annual electricity use by 365. For example, if you use 10,000 KWh per year, you should divide it by 365 to get 27.4KWh per day.

From this data you should go ahead and find the right size of solar panel that will give you this amount of power.

Important Points

When making your purchase it’s good to note that the solar panels aren’t equal. For example, a low quality panel may provide you will much less power than indicated. To be on the safe side it’s wise that you go for panels manufactured by reputable manufacturers such as REC.

It’s also good to note that solar modules vary; therefore, these solar panels that you need vary depending on the module that you choose. To make the right choice you should buy the panel under the guidance of a professional.


These are tips on how to know the right size of panel that you need to install in your house or business. To avoid spending a lot of power you should take measures to save it. There are a number of measures that you can put into place such as: switching off the lights and other devices when not in use and installing energy saving devices such as LED lights.

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