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Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions that we have difficulty keeping.

Lose 5 kilos.

Go back and study for our dream jobs.

Save more money.


Well, what if we could help you keep that last resolution in 2019 by going solar!?


Going solar gives you the opportunity to save money, support the environment and have the assurance you are bringing the New Year in on the right foot. So to kick off your year right, we’ve gone ahead and outlined some of the best reasons why you should go solar in 2019.

Harness free energy for your home

Unlike your energy company – the sun won’t send you a bill for hundreds of dollars every quarter. The sun is freely emitting the valuable energy that can power your home. With 2019 comes some of the warmest days of Summer, which means the use of our fans and air conditioners goes through – and so do our power bills! Even if you’ve lived in your home for many years, it can be hard to predict what your bill will be this quarter.

Beyond simply using your air conditioner more, your children are all a year older, the cost of energy has changed and so have many of your other habits around the home.

However, even just a small, quality 4kW system (such as Sunpower or Q-Cells panels with a Fronius inverter) could have you saving $890 per year on energy costs. Combine this with the power of sending any of your excess energy back to the grid for a further credit – you can negate almost all of your previous energy spend and do your bit for the environment.


You can read more about rebates and feed in tariffs for solar energy systems here.


Switching to solar is so in right now

When you choose to go solar in 2019 – you are certainly not alone! From high profile Australian organisations such as Australia Zoo, PCYC and UnitingCare through to the 1,500 everyday Australian families we installed for in 2018; this technology is for everyone! The price of modules has dropped 75% in the past five years alone due to widespread popularity and more refined designs.  More than 9,500 panels are installed here in Australia each and every day – so make sure you’re one of the next to join them in 2019.

Get paid by the government to go solar

The Federal Government has long recognized the changing tide of energy consumption and the need for renewable energy sources. The Government offers incentives such as Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) and feed in tariffs (FIT).  The amount of small scale technology certificates that will accompany the installation of your solar PV system will depend on the generated solar power and how it offsets your electricity consumption over its lifespan. Usually, for a 5kW system, you will be granted 103 STC’s, valuing at $38 each, equating to an immediate discount of up to $3,708.  These certificates imitate rebates, but instead will be given to your solar system supplier and can cover 20%-30% of the systems cost. You will not need to pay this large amount up front, and then wait to be reimbursed at a later date – which is a huge bonus.

Even the State Governments are now getting on board to contribute! As of the time of writing this article in January 2019, both the Queensland and Victorian Governments have Solar and Solar Battery Schemes in place that are subsidizing or providing interest free loans for the installation of solar.

Oh, and did we mention your power company will pay you as well?

Keep in mind that you may also be qualified, depending on the excess electricity you supply to the grid, for reimbursement from your electricity company. If you go solar, you can receive up to 10 cents per extra kWh that you do not use for your own personal electrical needs. This energy is instead sent back to the energy grid for public consumption, and you are credited the amount on your next bill.  There is a high probability that your already cut down electricity bill will also include compensation for the energy you produced.

Increase the value of your home

Stepping into 2019 brings even more technological advances in home innovation. Whether you are considering selling your home in the next few years or want your house to age gracefully and hold up competitively in future markets – solar panels have evolved beyond being environmentally sustainable eyesores and morphed into a sleek exterior addition to your home. Newer panels have higher wattage per panel, meaning you need less on your roof. They also look better, with a choice of colour between blue and black and often lasting longer before fading. Over 19% of Australian homeowners have now installed a solar power system. It is estimated that for each kW installed, your home increases by $6000 in value. This means that if you install a standard 5kW system, this decision can boost your eventual sale value by $30,000.  People will flock to buy your home with the added bonus of low energy bills without the hassle of having to save for or install them themselves. Your home may not stay on the market long, since it is 20% more likely that a home with solar panels will sell – and sell fast!

So, why should I go solar in 2019 exactly?

Take your pick! We know the process of switching from traditional energy sources to solar power can seem a daunting task – but the numerous long term effects of switching to a solar powered lifestyle can create a huge impact financially. GEM Energy is the trusted authority when it comes to solar energy for residential and commercial application in Australia. We’ll give you the best advice on making your solar energy system work for you and provide you the best return on your investment. Start your 2019 off right and give us a call on 1300 969 471 or get a quote today.