Concept picture of a lightbulb containing a tree in the centre of two solar panels, the lightbulb is sitting on grass to signify green energy

With fossil fuels running low and a growing awareness of climate change in the public eye, it’s become increasingly obvious we need to find a better, cleaner source of power.

In the last ten years, solar power technology has advanced to become a viable alternative to non-renewable fuel sources such as coal, oil and gas.

Solar power is a major contender for a renewable and abundant energy supply. It’s free, green, has minimal impact on the environment and can save you money on your power bills. Also, in a country like Australia that has plentiful sunshine, it’s seems the obvious choice, especially for commercial applications that use a lot of power. Let’s look at some reasons we believe everybody can and should make the switch to solar power.

A Truly Renewable Energy Source

One of the biggest advantages of solar power is that it’s a renewable energy source. It won’t run out and it’s free, especially if you live somewhere that has lots of sun. Sunshine is an infinite resource that can be used anywhere, even in the most remote locations, as long as they have the right equipment to convert it to electricity.

It’s Free for Everyone

What could be better than an infinite source of clean energy that’s also free? Except for the relatively low initial cost of installing solar panels, inverters and other equipment, you’ll save plenty on your energy bills. Your solar equipment also needs little maintenance, so you’ll save big there as well.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Clean, green, reliable solar power doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases, nor require any other fuel to produce electricity. Everything you need to produce power is onsite, so there’s also no transport or delivery from the place of production.

You Don’t Need Abundant Sunshine

If you think people living in warm, sunny places are the only people who can benefit from solar power, you’d be wrong. Solar panels collect energy from daylight, so they don’t need to be in full sun. This means you can still produce energy on cloudy days. In fact, places that are cooler can even have an advantage because solar panels can get too much direct sun and overheat.

Increase the Value of your Home

Installing solar panels on the roof of your home not only saves you money on utility bills, it increases the value of your home. You’ll easily recoup your initial outlay on solar technology in a few years, but you’ll also make your money back if you sell or rent your house.

Speak to the Solar Energy Experts

When you’re ready to make the change to clean, reliable solar power, speak to our team here at GEM Energy about residential and commercial solar applications. We’re the experts in renewable energy consultancy and implementation. Call us on 1300 969 471, or contact us online.

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