Advantage Welding

Advantage Welding

33kW System

  • Kawana, QLD
  • 32 x Phono Solar Diamond 250w
  • 1 x ABB Aurora Trio PVI27.6kW
  • 55% Energy Independence in the first year

In its first year, this solar system reduced the electricity consumption of Advantage Welding by more than half, with an expected payback period of just over four years. The project was cash flow positive from the first quarter. The first year saw cash savings of $8,615, putting the return on investment (ROI) at 23.8%.

After only a few years payback, Advantage Welding will not just own their solar system, but will also have a nice amount of extra cash to play with. Most importantly, they are now cushioned from the inevitable energy price rises and can focus on what they do best.

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