Solar Installation

We’re committed to providing Queenslanders with affordable, reliable, and high performing solar energy.

GEM Energy

Your Solar Is In Safe Hands

A solar system should be on your roof for 20+ years and it is an investment that should not be rushed. Unfortunately, far too often in the solar industry, we see customers drawn into the cheap upfront costs of a lesser quality system. The result is approximately 25% of installed solar systems are substandard and over 50% are orphaned, with no company left to service them.

We feel for customers who are trying to figure out what is cheap, what is quality and what is important in a solar system.

There is no one in the industry who emphasis quality more than GEM Energy and RACQ Solar. We go above and beyond to ensure that every client receives the highest quality service from consultation to installation and long-term results.

GEM Energy have been installing since 2013 and are trusted by companies including Australia Zoo, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, and Cleanaway. We are also now the most awarded solar retailer in Australia!

Finding The Right System


Ideal for smaller households or families with lower power demands.


Great system size for the average QLD household looking to save on their energy bills.


Recommended for larger households or families with higher power needs.

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What You Need To Know

  • CEC Approved Retailer
  • 3 CEC Design & Installation Awards
  • Office and Warehouse located in Brisbane
  • Over 50 full-time staff and more sub contractors
  • ISO Quality Certified, Environment Certified and Safety Certified
  • Diversified revenue streams (commercial, residential, consulting, LED lighting & more
  • 3 year pipeline of projects secured
  • 70% of our customers are referrals
  • Master Electricians Austraila Member
  • QLD, NT, VIC & NSW licensed electrical contractors
  • CEO is on the CEC Board, advising on policies to improve the industry

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