Solar Health check

As part of our commitment to high quality renewable energy solutions, we’re offering you a solar system health check service. We get our car serviced every 12 months, so why not the power plant installed on our roof? 

This detailed inspection and report can grant you peace of mind that the solar system is safe and well functioning. The report includes notice of components that need repairs or replacement and if major faults are found, we’ll quote you for a new solar energy system.

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$249* Inc GST to inspect systems up to 24 panels

+ $4 per additional panel for systems up to 120 panels

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* $249 (inc GST) is the price for a Solar System Health Check for a rooftop solar system consisting of up to 24 solar panels.  An additional $4 (inc GST) per solar panel applies for rooftop solar systems of up to 120 solar panels.  The Solar System Health Check is only available for on grid systems and roofs on single-storey or double-storey properties.  The Solar System Health Check is only available to the owner and occupier of the relevant property.  The Solar System Health Check is subject to availability and only available in selected areas.  Additional charges may apply where the property is located outside the Brisbane metropolitan area. Full terms and conditions apply:

What we’ll cover in the inspection.

Solar Panels

Cracks, soilage, discolouration,

thermal gaps and compliance.


Screen, exposure to heat, functionality

test, fan test and installation.


Functionality, exposure to heat

and full compliance and safety check.

Cabling & Conduit

UV damage, cable sizes, fixings, roof

penetration (leaks) and sting fusings.


Feet spacings, fixings, safety check

(earthed) and clamps adequately fixed.

Switch Board

Meter box, compliance,

fuses and safety check.


Production since installation, monthly and

daily. Remaining energy bill and potential

savings check.

Photos of Findings

Photos of finds, photos before and after

removal of debris and explanations.


Findings, comments, recommendation

and a quote for repairs, upgrade or system


Professional Service

All of our inspections are performed by our amazing team of Clean Energy Council Accredited Electricians and supported by our in-house team of engineers, consultants and quality assurance team. With an award-winning company, around since 2013, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best service on the market.

Is your solar system safe?


Of solar systems are orphaned


Of solar systems are sub-standard or unsafe

Solar companies have gone out of business in the last 8 years

Lots of Reasons To Check…

Beware of a common practice in the solar industry is called “Phoenix-ing”.

A “solar cowboy” company will ride into the market, sell a lot of incredibly cheap systems (often under $3,000 for 6kW) with products that are not designed or engineered to do the job long term. In most cases, you’re better off keeping the money in your back pocket. These products are often installed at high volume and by untrained workers – creating the perfect recipe for failure. The companies make almost no money on these sales and eventually end up with tax debts, supplier debts, unpaid wages and super – so they simply close the doors.

Worst of all, the people operating these companies will open a new trading entity the next day doing exactly the same thing. Rinse and repeat.

Simply put, they make their money then leave customers high and dry.

Then come back and do it all over again.

Cowboy Solar Panel Companies

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