Battery Storage

Solar battery storage allows you to store the excess solar energy you generate during the day, and consume it in the evening when it’s most needed.

Solar Battery Storage

Maximise Your Solar Savings

Storing solar energy and utilising your battery storage is a great way to decrease your reliance on traditional power sources and further decrease your energy bills.

When your solar panels produce excess power during day, your solar battery storage system begins to charge and store the energy for later use – the stored energy is then consumed in the evening, or during overcast weather when the sun isn’t shining. Any energy you don’t consume, can be sent back to the grid for you to receive credits on future power bills.

Why Install A Battery?

24/7 Self-Consumption

Adding battery storage to the right solar system can help greatly reduce your reliance on the grid.

Reduced Energy Costs

Self-consuming the power you generate 24/7 means greatly reduced costs on your energy bills.

Blackout Protection

With the right battery storage system, your household will switch over to stored power in the event the grid fails.

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