Commercial Embedded Networks

GEM Energy offers services to establish and upgrade embedded networks, including the integration of solar and battery systems for existing networks.

Proper management of embedded networks can benefit both owners and consumers, with some projects achieving investor returns exceeding 30% per annum.

Embedded Networks

An embedded network is a centralised energy system within a multi-tenant property, like an apartment building or shopping center, that supplies utilities (electricity, gas, water) to all occupants from a single connection point.

Managed by an operator, it allows for bulk purchasing of utilities, potentially offering lower rates. This setup requires specialized management and billing systems to allocate usage and costs among tenants.

Solar and battery storage being installed into the embedded network can significantly reduce the volume of energy purchased at the main connection point, without reducing the volume of energy tenants are recording at their sub-meter. This delta between the reduced volume of electricity purchased from the grid, and the volume of electricity sold to tenants can generate substantial profits. These profits are often used provide good investor returns but can also be used to discount the cost of electricity for the customers on the embedded network.

GEM Energy and it’s partners can assist in preparing a feasibility study, electrical infrastructure review, stakeholder engagement and AEMO registration.

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