Commercial Solar

Comprehensive turn-key solutions including consultation, energy modelling, system design, financial analysis, procurement, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning, monitoring and system servicing agreements.

Solar For Business

GEM Energy offer solar for businesses across Australia

Diversified and integrated portfolio of commercial solar energy-related services, including design, engineering, procurement, project management, installation, commissioning, and asset management.

Why GEM Energy?

Electrical Engineering

Solar PV consulting, engineering and installation for grid-connected and autonomous systems.

LED Lighting

Switching to LEDs is an easy way to reduce your electricity demand.

Turn-Key Package

All the planning and support for a powerful investment. One of Australia’s most comprehensive Turnkey Project Packages.

Hot Water & Heat Pumps

One of the simplest ways for businesses to save money on electricity bills.

Solar Irrigation

Solar powered pumps are versatile, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable.

Asset Management

We have all the know-how to manage your solar investment in the future.

Energy Management

We have all the know-how to manage your solar investment in the future.

NFP Grant Applications

GEM Energy’s experienced staff will help you put together successful grant applications to finance your solar project.

Commercial Services

Battery Storage

GEM Energy has installed over 15MWh of storage for some of Australia's most renowned companies.

EV Charging

GEM Energy offer commercial EV Charging solutions for businesses small and large.

LED Lighting

Reliable and efficient, LEDs are used in a diverse range of lighting applications, one of the main being for commercial business.

Engineering Services

GEM Energy is one of the few solar companies to have the capacity to offer RPEQ services and Chartered Engineer capabilities in-house.

Embedded Networks

We can help setup and integrate embedded networks and microgrids to further increase the benefits of solar.

Asset Management

GEM Energy can help manage your investment, and monitor your system remotely to ensure smooth operation at all times.

Experts At Any Scale

From small in-home installations to supersized commercial installations, GEM Energy has a wealth of experience at every level.

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