Commercial Asset Management

Investing in a commercial solar energy system is a significant investment that promises substantial energy cost savings for your business. However, maintaining its optimal performance is crucial to avoid operational setbacks and unnecessary expenses. GEM Energy understands this and offers comprehensive monitoring and maintenance services tailored specifically for commercial solar systems.

As of 30 June 2023, the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator’s Inspection Update No.22 revealed that 25% of the audited solar systems in this inspection round were deemed substandard.

Asset Management for Business

Our dedicated in-house Asset Management team provides full-time remote monitoring of your system’s operation and performance, to swiftly address potential issues such as communication breakdowns or inverter faults, ensuring minimal downtime. Additionally, we offer detailed monthly reporting on system production, energy generation targets, energy-related CO2 emissions reductions, and fault identification, empowering you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

GEM Energy’s annual maintenance inspections include a thorough system inspection, accompanied by a detailed report outlining findings and recommendations. Any defects covered under the warranty will be promptly rectified, with GEM Energy assuming full responsibility for managing all aspects of warranty claims on your behalf. Our proactive approach and expert support, clients can trust in the reliability and efficiency of their solar energy systems.

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From small in-home installations to supersized commercial installations, GEM Energy has a wealth of experience at every level.

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